Orpheum Hoping for Additional Fundraising

Orpheum TheatreThe Knox County Civic Center Authority Board is hoping additional fundraising can put the Orpheum Theatre in a better financial position.

The group’s fundraising committee met yesterday to discuss strategy when improving the organization’s revenue structure.  Yesterday’s meeting covered topics such as a broader donor base, corporate donors, and legacy gifts made to the venue.

Orpheum Theatre Executive Director Kevin Maynard says fundraising starts with analyzing their donor list.

“What amount [out of current donors] should we just be sending mailers to?  What amount should we be sending like a specified mailer to?  Like, we encourage this amount for you to give.  Then, what amount deserves — should we physically go see these people?” Maynard said.

Consistency in its incentive structure has been lacking in past years according to the discussion.

The Orpheum is also managing its expenses going forward and is intent on managing a current mortgage of $150,000 to make up for financial gaps.  Maynard says they need to prove to both the bank and to the community that they are willing to improve the Orpheum’s financial position.

The group says it would like to meet as often as possible when generating revenue through donations and gifts.

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