California Man Busted at Galesburg Amtrak Depot

IL-GalesburgPDGalesburg Police have made yet another drug-related arrest at the Galesburg Amtrak Depot.

Galesburg Police reports indicate officers and a K-9 unit went to the station March 28th for what they call a criminal interdiction, and after several questions were posed, the K-9 entered the train and searched.

Officers say a red bag allegedly belonging to 28-year-old Alexander Why of California had two vacuum sealed bags of cannabis in it, totaling over 550 grams, a smaller amount of marijuana in another bag, and a third bag allegedly containing over $3,000 in cash.

Why was arrested, and appeared in court with an attorney Friday morning on charges of Possesion of Cannabis with Intent to Deliver, and another Possession of Cannabis charge.

Why is out of jail, and Judge Paul Mangieri Friday allowed the terms of Why’s bond to be modified, allowing him to travel back and forth to California.
He’s scheduled to be arraigned May sixth.

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