CVB to Examine Hotel Stays

4-8-14 Tourism CouncilThe Galesburg-Area Covention and Visitors Bureau is starting an effort that could ultimately lead to better collection of data about who comes to town to visit, and why.Executive Director Bill Morris told the Knox County Tourism Council today he wants to have a survey placed in every hotel room in Galesburg asking people where they’re from, why they’re here, and other similar questions.
Morris tells WGIL it’s a good time for tourism right now locally with room stays up every month so far this year, but he can’t honestly say why, since historical data doesn’t seem to exist.

“They might have been doing it, they just maybe didn’t do a very good job of leaving that information for the person that preceded them to use. So I’m gonna alleviate that, I’m gonna make sure that I put together a bible of what I’ve done, what should be done moving forward so that when I step down somebody has a really good idea of how to move forward.”

Morris says he hopes the data could possibly lead to more hotels being built, and could also help raise the number of available rooms.
He says at one point the city has been able to support eight-hundred hotel rooms, but there are currently only 484 rooms available, with more coming thanks to the planned hotel in the Gale Village shopping center.

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