District 205 Board Status Quo on Building New Silas Willard School

POSTED 7pm 4/7/14  The Galesburg School Board tonight decided to take no action on whether to change course regarding building a new Silas Willard Elementary School; meaning, construction planning will go forward as is.

The lack of action was taken after board members, residents, and parents of Silas students discussed the matter at length.  The District-205 Board last September voted to move forward on essentially replacing the aging school.  A number of residents tonight suggested that something needs to be done with the structure where President Ronald Reagan once attended.  Some said the school should be left as is, making the needed renovations to keep the school up to code.  Others urged if a new school is built, to not tear down the old one.

Some parents said they were surprised to learn that the matter was being revisited as of the end of March, when the District-205 Board’s Building Committee discussed the matter again.  The Illinois State Board of Education, following that meeting, urged the board do something, after planning was held off due to cost concerns.

The District-205 Board next Monday night, at their regular meeting, will vote on the issuance of bonds that will help pay for the estimated $18 million new school.

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