Knoxville Aldermen Still Considering Water and Sewer Contract

A decision on whether or not to continue service with Kewanee based Bock Incorporated is still up in the air.
Knoxville aldermen are considering several options for the operation of their water and sewer treatment plant, including biding out a new contract or moving the operation in-house.During last night’s meeting aldermen made it clear the biggest problem they have is the vagueness in their contract with Bock, something that clearly needs to be remedied before a new contract is signed.
Alderman Jim McGovern tells WGIL if the City want’s to avoid these issues in the future aldermen are going to have to make sure the next contract is better written.

” I just think the next contract that comes down with the City of Knoxville regardless of who it is that does it, is going to be specific as to responsibilities and rights of that individual under that contract and the rights of the City under that contract.”

McGovern says he really doesn’t have an issue with Bock, the real problem is the contract.
He says it’s very possible Bock could end up with the new contract depending on how the bidding process goes.
Mayor Bob Johnson says he’d like to see everything ready for bids to go out mid-May.


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