Abingdon City Council Debates Need for Wheel Tax Sticker

Over the years the Abingdon City Council has talked about getting rid of their wheel tax sticker ordinance.

Aldermen have complained the ordinance is not being enforced and the City isn’t really making any money off the tax. During Monday night’s Abingdon City Council meeting, Mayor John DeJaynes once again asked aldermen what their feelings were on the wheel tax.

DeJaynes tells WGIL he knows how he stands on the issues, but thinks it might be tough to sell.

“It’s my opinion, I think that with what it takes, police enforcement issuing them, the cost of them, that we may want to look at doing away with them,” says DeJaynes.

DeJaynes says its been a record year for wheel tax stickers, but he says that’s because of the time the City dedicated to enforcing the ordinance.

He says the issue was tabled until the first meeting in May to give Alderwoman Chris Feller a chance to look further into the matter with the police department.

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