County Building Committee Prepares For Future Courthouse Projects

Knox County SealAlthough revenue options may be short, the Knox County Board now has a blueprint for future upgrades to the county courthouse.

The Board has been undertaking renovations throughout the building, but now that a new HVAC system has been installed and completed, new projects can be planned. During last night’s Knox County Building Committee meeting, members reviewed a life-safety survey prepared by architects at Klingner and Associates.

Included in the survey was a comprehensive overview of problems needing upgrades or repairs with the more than century old structure.

County Board Chair Greg Bacon says revenue streams from the County Landfill dedicated to courthouse improvements cease at the end of the year and funding needs to be found.

“We could extend our thing at the Landfill a small amount to have a revenue stream of 70 or 80-thousand dollars a year,” says Bacon.

The report highlighted priority projects, including the Courthouse electrical and plumbing systems. Initial estimates have put both of those projects at a combined $700-thousand.

Committee members appreciated a proposal to consider tackling the projects over the course of 10-years. Committee member Rollie Paulsgrove says the county now has a plan to consider, but costs are a problem.

“It’s kind of good to have a target, but we need to know where we’re going to get our ammunition at,” says Paulsgrove.

Handling the work over a longer period would better allow Knox County to afford the upgrades given current revenue trends.

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