District 205 Maintenance Facility Staying Put

4-9-14 Dist 205 Building CmteIt’s been discussed for a few weeks, but it looks like for now, the Galesburg School District Maintenance Facility won’t be moving anywhere else.

The school board’s Building Committee yesterday toured the maintenance buildings at Hawthorne Center for the second time. What committee members described as abysmal a few weeks ago, has since been cleaned up somewhat, with repairs to the facilities being made — repairs maintenance staff have done themselves, with designs to make more.

District-205 Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations David Black tells WGIL the difference in just a short period of time speaks to how passionately maintenance staff have been about staying in the facility.

“[That’s] because they put a lot of work into it,” Black said.  “When they first moved into this [facility], it was not really usable; it was just really expensive for them to purchase, so they ended up here.  They put in the doors, they put in the windows, they put in everything they needed to make it workable.  So they have taken some ownership in it.  I think it’s kind of natural.”

The district had been looking at moving the maintenance facility in recent months,but Black says the problem is there’s no money in the district’s budget for such a move, nor is there grant money available.

Some district officials, however, still have concerns about the structural integrity of the maintenance facility — specifically in the building’s roof and brick walls.

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