Knox County Highway Department Still Waiting on Union Contract

Knox County Highway Department employees have been working without a contract since November of last year.

Now employees are getting ready for a mediated meeting between the union and the highway department.

Knox County Engineer, Duane Ratermann told the Knox County Board Highway committee there seems to be a dispute over the entire package being offered to employees.

Ratermann says the biggest sticking point has to do with health insurance, but he tells WGIL he looks at the mediation process as a step in the right direction.

“Mediation is something new to me,” says Ratermann. “I’ve never been involved in something like that so hopefully the mediator can get us past some of the sticking points and we can move on to a settlement.”

County Highway employees are supported by Labor Local 538.

Also during Wednesday night’s meeting, Ratermann asked for board approval for the purchase of a new dump truck. The truck will cost a little more than 119-thousand dollars, something Ratermann says the department made sure was budgeted.

The board approved the measure passing it onto the full board.

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