Schilling Wants to Boost Economic Activity

Bobby SchillingThe Republican candidate vying for the 17th District Congressional seat this November says raising the minimum wage is a “war on seniors.”

Bobby Schilling stopped by a couple of businesses in downtown Galesburg yesterday to talk about regulations and the economy.

Schilling preceded incumbent Democrat Cheri Bustos in Congress, but is hoping to regain control of the 17th District seat.

He tells WGIL the problem with recent proposals to raise the minimum wage is that the costs will be passed on to consumers.

“With the increase in the minimum wage, they won’t be able to stay in business,” Schilling said.  “What they’ll do — whether it’s a farmer from when he pulls the seed out of the ground to where it goes to the mill, all the way through to the final product whether it be a hamburger or a pizza — it’s going to affect those prices all the way through.”

Schilling also said he has concerns about the effects of increasing the minimum wage for young people entering the workforce in Galesburg.

The Colona Republican says he’s hoping to boost economic performance in the region if elected in November.

He says it starts with making the state a more attractive place to conduct business.

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