Local School Teacher Gets Surprised with Technology Grant

Steele Elementary kindergarten students and their teacher got a big surprise Thursday afternoon.

Michaela Rychener and her class had no idea CenturyLink would be paying them a visit and presenting them a check for more than $4-thousand.

Rycherner and another teacher, Erin Kilgore, submitted their grant proposal to CenturyLink for their Teachers and Technology Grant Program. Out of ten other applications, theirs was chosen.

Rycherner tells WGIL technology has advanced so much why not give students the opportunely to advance with it.

“I was just so excited about the possibility of having mini iPads in our classroom because the possibilities are endless,” says Rycherner. “You can have them in literacy, you can have them in math, you can use them throughout the day and they’re very interactive and it’s going to be very engaging.”

Rycherner says students will get to use the iPads to help them with their sight word practice, and word work practice all that will be used to help students learn to read.

The iPads will be used by both Rycherner’s kindergarten class and Erin Kilgore’s first grade class.

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