Unknown Future For Family Dollar, Locally

A discount retailer is shuttering several hundred stores nationally — but whether or not any stores locally may be impacted remains up in the air.

North Carolina-based Family Dollar announced Thursday that it will be closing 370 stores and slowing the opening of new ones, after sales in the second quarter of this fiscal year decreased nearly four percent.

Family Dollar operates stores in Galesburg on East Main Street, and in Monmouth on South Main Street. And company spokesperson Bryn Winburn tells WGIL in an e-mail it’s not yet known what stores will close.

Winburn says Family Dollar is still working on finalizing its store closure plan, and that an announcement on locations that might be closed will be made “at the appropriate time.”

Family Dollar blames the downturn in sales, on what they called a more competitive environment and “a more financially constrained consumer,” coupled with adverse weather conditions.

In the meantime, the company says it’s lowering prices on one-thousand basic items in its stores in an attempt to woo customers back.

Family Dollar operates over eight-thousand stores in 46 states.

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