Clean-up Days Gives Residents Opportunity to Remove Unwanted Items

Clean-up Days in Galesburg is scheduled for this coming week and it gives residents the opportunity to get rid of some of those oversized items.

Furniture, appliances, and other fixtures are consistently most disposed. Resident trash for those larger items is expected by the City of Galesburg to be out on the curb by 6 a.m. on trash pick-up days.

There are a few ground rules, however, such as restrictions on chemicals or electronics.

Associate City Planner Julie Main tells the WGIL Morning News there are things you can do to make the process easier.

“If you can bundle items or put them in trash bags, it helps the solid waste crews, that’s waste management, no nails sticking out, no sharp edges really helps them out, but it’s a great opportunity to get rid of your items you want to get rid of,” says Main.

The City of Galesburg does have an anti-scavenging ordinance which prevents individuals from searching through the piles of unwanted items. Main does say you can ease the situation by simply asking if you can remove an item of interest from a yard.

Many individuals attempt to use the opportunity to remove brush or large branches, but Main says the event is for large trash items only.

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