State Comptroller Says No to Term Limits

4-12-14 TopinkaIllinois State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka doesn’t feel the same way the Republican candidate for Governor does about one of that man’s pet issues.

Topinka told the Illinois News Broadcasters Association over the weekend she is not in favor of term limits of politicians — something Bruce Rauner has campaigned for and is a driving force behind a Constitutional amendment to that end.

Topinka — who faces current Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon in the November election — says term limits are “stupid”, because you need experienced politicians.

“They’re going to get rid of a lot of institutional knowledge, I mean, who’s going to run this place when nobody knows how it runs?” says Topinka. “You’ve got to know some background here, you’ve got to work your way up and not just think you’re going to walk in off the street and run the place. There’s a lot of background that you need to know, people you need to know, systems you need to know.”

Topinka says she admits she would like some legislators to have term limits because they would be gone, but she says that there are plenty of legislative districts gerrymandered so much that many politicians can’t lose, and are good at serving their constituents.

She says she believes the race between Rauner and Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn will continue to be, in her words, “ugly” going into the fall.

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