Williamsfield Hoping to Plan Its Future

4-13-14 WilliamsfieldUsing the help of the “MAPPING the Future of Your Community” program, Williamsfield is hoping to implement a few priorities in the near future.

A town meeting Sunday attempted to share the goals – developed in response to the program offered through the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs at Western Illinois University.

Planning has led Williamsfield to consider how to grow its economy by encouraging the development of broadband Internet and through a possible widening of Highway 180 with the aid of state legislators.

Steering Committee member Pam Courson tells WGIL they have been working since last fall to develop the proposal.

“You forget about how many positive things that we have here; you just take them for granted each day,” Courson said.  “All the people had different perspectives.  We tried to stay on the positive, work together, coordinate it, compromise, a little give and take, and came up with our four main group goals.”

Williamsfield is also hoping to attract new families to the area, improve its schools, and the overall health of its residents.

State Senator Darin LaHood was in attendance and says hearing about each goal highlights the community’s enthusiasm.

The Williamsfield steering committee says momentum has to be maintained in order to implement their plans.

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