Burglary Reported At Two Galesburg Schools

IL-GalesburgPDGalesburg Police are investigated break-ins at not one, but two elementary schools over the weekend.

Police responded to both King and Nielson elementary after windows were cited as being damaged in both cases.

At King, police made contact with a maintenance employee, allowing them to observe the damage.

An investigation revealed that no objects were found used to break the window. After breaking the window, the suspects then went to the school’s office and opened the secretary’s desk and file cabinet.

A Chromebook was cited as possibly missing from the scene in addition to about 400-dollars in damages.

Up the street, police were also investigating a burglary reported at Nielson elementary school. The Principal’s office was allegedly ransacked in the incident in addition to more broken windows.

The breakroom soda machine was also damaged, but new laptops were not removed from the school. Investigators were able to find some evidence at the scene.

Persons of interest were cited in the police report, but an investigation is ongoing.

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