Seven Pounds of Cannabis Located In Weekend Amtrak Bust

Galesburg Police located a person of interest on the Amtrak passenger manifest on Saturday.

40-year-old Elton Ward was travelling from Sacramento, California when police noticed what was described as an extensive criminal history involving drug trafficking.

Officers boarded the train to Ward’s one-way ticket sleeper car – something police say is often consistent with drug trafficking.

After questioning, officers used the K-9 unit which provided a positive alert on Ward’s bags.

A warrant was obtained allowing officers to search the travel bags. Galesburg Police allegedly located more than seven pounds of cannabis.

Ward was intending to travel from Chicago down to St. Louis once arriving from California according to the police report. Street value for cannabis in St. Louis runs between $4,000 and $5,000 per pound.

Further investigation revealed that Ward was allegedly in possession of 10 pre-loaded debit cards and hundreds of dollars in cash.

Ward faces charges of possession of cannabis and cannabis trafficking in the case.

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