Parking Lot Improvements Recommended Despite County Board Promises

The Knox County Nursing Home may soon have a better parking lot, even after statements made by the Knox County Board to abstain from additional spending for a period.

Two bids were reviewed during last night’s Nursing Home and Landfill Committee meeting for the work. Knox County requested the firms include unit pricing for additional asphalt replacement, but an error from one of the firms created some problems.

The Board initially stated they intended to wait until additional property tax revenue was received before spending any more funds. Knox County Owner’s Representative Donnie Gladfelter says it’s not in the County’s interest to hold the mistaken firm to their bid.

“We can take that and say this is what we’re doing, you’re forfeiting your bid bond, but I don’t feel, especially with my contractors background that’s good business,” says Gladfelter.

The Nursing Home Committee also had questions surrounding the use of union labor for the work.

Although it was claimed there are very few unionized workers in this particular field, the County intends to urge the winning firm to sign a project labor agreement. Committee members said they wanted to avoid picketing as was the case with sidewalk replacement at the Knox County Courthouse.

The contract was recommended for a firm out of Gilson with member Pam Davidson voting against the measure.

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