County Finance Committee Recommends 911 Funding Resolution

Knox County SealKeeping in line with the City of Galesburg, the Knox County Board may soon approve a resolution supporting changes to 911 funding.

During Wednesday night’s Knox County Finance Committee meeting, members agreed to recommend the resolution.

The wording is similar in nature to the City of Galesburg’s own resolution and urges the state of Illinois to change the type of funding used to sustain 911 services. Currently, a charge on landlines is funding the service, but with consumer preferences changing to mobile phones, revenue has been declining for several years.

Knox County Board Chair Greg Bacon tells WGIL the county’s resolution was developed with the aid of the City of Galesburg’s own language.

“It’s just going to be a unification process for everybody to show that all the counties and the entities are on board with we need 911 reform,” says Bacon.

The hope is new revenue generating ideas would be proposed by the Illinois General Assembly should the matter be taken up.

To go along with the resolution, Knox County is considering a sales tax increase to sustain 911. The matter would be put to a vote during November’s general election.

This time, however, the County Board would push for more education. Board member Pam Davidson tells WGIL that she intends to conduct, as a private citizen, a “Friends of 911” campaign.

“We would just want to do a small thing to raise monies to buy yard signs and to do things for air in newspaper and radio spots to let the community, the whole community, Knox County, know that this will be on the ballot and it’s so well needed,” says Davidson.

Speaking engagements around the county would hope to provide citizens with access to information prior to November’s vote.

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