Man Arrested After Hitting Dog, Making Knife Threats

Galesburg Police were called to the 700 block of East Grove Street on Wednesday to a disturbance possibly involving a weapon.

Police met with the victim who claimed he was stopping by a friend’s house to pick up a food smoker. The victim says that after knocking on his friend’s door, 24-year-old Nicholas Simonson exited the house and allegedly hit the victim’s pitbull in the side.

Simonson had an exchange of words with the victim according to the police report over the alleged mistreatment of the animal. At that point, Simonson allegedly re-entered the house and came back out holding what was described as a Samurai-like knife.

Simonson allegedly asked the victim if he wanted “some of this?” while holding up the knife.

When police arrived on scene, the friend with the food smoker told police that Simonson had exited out the back, but officers noticed the back doors were boarded. Police were able to coax Simonson out of the house where he was arrested. He allegedly told police the dog had stepped on his foot which had screws in it and that he retrieved the knife for safety.

Simonson is facing charges of aggravated assault in the case.

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