NAACP Helps Community Understand Their Legal Rights

Nobody enjoys getting pulled over, but within your life time it’s going to happen.
But how you handle being pulled over or even being questioned by the police can play a major role in the outcome. That’s why the Galesburg branch of the NAACP put together a police workshop helping the community understand their legal rights.
Attorney Sherry Lawson-Weaver spoke at last night’s event and tells WGIL people should leave the workshop confident in knowing what they have to do and don’t have to do when dealing with the authorities.

“That they don’t always have to give full statements to the police, they don’t have to empty their pockets, they don’t have to do things like that or consent to searches of their cars or homes. I think it’s important they know how to best protect their rights.”

Weaver told those in attendance the best thing to do is keep calm and in control.
She says try to remember everything that happen and if something happens that feels like it could be harassment document the incident and contact a lawyer.
Weaver say you can also record and take pictures of what’s going on and those can be given to a lawyer as well.

The NAACP says if someone has experienced harassment or racial profiling by any law enforcement entity or even in the work place you can call them and file a formal complaint.


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