Potential New Business Hits Major Road Bump

The former Tax and Title Loan building at 891 North Henderson Street is undergoing some major renovations.

William Villarreal is looking to open a brand new restaurant called High Noon Barbecue, and because his business will be carry-out only, he asked the Galesburg Sanitary District for a grease trap variance.

Villarreal told the Sanitary District Board of Trustees installing a 1-thousand gallon trap will cost him between $5-thousand and $7-thousand, a cost he can’t afford.

He tells WGIL a trap that large is not needed for a carry-out business and how he plans of using his kitchen.

“The amount of grease that I’m going to be producing – which is almost non-existent – every bit of research I’ve done like with the Plumbing Institute of America and all of those accredited places that regulate grease flow and set standards, I’m prepared to go above and beyond what they recommend,” says Villrreal.

Trustees told Villarreal they understand where he’ coming from, however the bigger issue is what happens after he closes up shop.

Villarreal says that’s not his problem and shouldn’t be punished for what may happen in the future.

Trustees agreed to look over the information Villarreal has about other traps and told him they would get back to him.

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