Volunteer Firefighter Accused of Arson

Blake WalshUPDATED 2:24pm 4/17/14  A man the Knox County Sheriffs Department says is a volunteer firefighter is accused of intentionally setting fires.

The Knox County Sheriffs Department says 24-year-old Blake Walsh of Williamsfield was arrested yesterday. Court records indicate he faces, so far, a Class-Two Felony charge of Arson, and a Class-Four Felony charge of Criminal Damage to Property.  They say he is a volunteer with the Williamsfield Fire Department.

Officials say sheriffs department investigators have been looking into a series of arson fires involving hay bales and grassy areas, mostly in the Williamsfield area. The Department later learned that two dumpster fires recently in Galesburg were also classified as arson.

Galesburg Police, Galesburg and Williamsfield Fire, and sheriffs investigators went to work, and they say that led to the arrest of Walsh. Bond on an arrest warrant has been set at $50,000.

It’s not clear when Walsh’s next court date will be.

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