Health Department Backing Possible Road Construction

At Monday Night’s City Council meeting aldermen will consider the approval of a Complete Streets design for Fremont Street. Approval would allow for the resurfacing of Fremont to add a center turn lane and the addition of bike lanes.
According to city documents the resurfacing design currently accommodates four traffic lanes, but if the roadway is changed to a three lane road it would allow for room to add a bike lane.
The Knox County Health Department’s Erin Olson tells WGIL Complete Streets will focus on making the city more user-friendly.

“Making people aware that this is promoting and incorporating designs to streets that make it safer for all modes of transportation.  It’s gonna be safer for motorist, it’s going to be safer for pedestrians walking to and from locations and it will also be safer for the bicyclist.

Olson says Complete Streets comes out of the Health Departments We Choose Health Grant and they’re in full support of the efforts being proposed on Fremont street.
She says it doesn’t matter how young or old you are everyone should be able to get around our community any way possible.

Alderman are scheduled to vote on the matter Monday night.

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