Injuries Sustained in Monmouth Car Wreck

Monmouth Police say an accident occurred on Thursday morning, but are providing few details surrounding the incident.

The two vehicle collision occurred around 5:30 am on Thursday. A Monmouth man and woman were travelling by pick-up when their vehicle was struck by a FedEx semi-trailer.

The accident happened at the corner of North 6th Street and US 34 in Monmouth. Injuries were sustained in the incident, although the exact nature of the injuries has not been disclosed at this time.

The driver, identified as 59-year-old Evia (Ay-vee-uh) Gaitan (GAY-tun) and her passenger were taken to an area hospital.

50-year-old Michael Schrader who was identified as the driver of the Fed-Ex semi-trailer was cited for disobeying a traffic control device, meaning he likely ran a stop sign leading up to the collision.

Monmouth police are not releasing additional details at this time.

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