School Board Tables Policy Revisions Over Firearm and Cannabis Concerns

The District 205 Board of Education tabled some policy recommendations from the Illinois Association of School Boards during their meeting this week.Included in district documents is a recommendation on both firearms for the purpose of concealed carry and medical cannabis.
The policy suggested by the IASB for concealed carry would require the District to allow students or adults to drive into the parking lot of any school and have reasonable time to put the firearm in the trunk of their vehicle.
Approval of the policy was stalled during this week’s meeting after the School Board felt the need to further research the matter before agreeing to it.
Superintendent Bart Arthur says this was written in response to state approval of concealed carry.

“They say that they can bring the weapon if they happen to have it when they come to a sporting event, they’ve got to take it off, put it in the trunk where it’s not visible and no students are allowed to have em and those kinda things in the building, so the concealed carry is really for our protection.

The Board plans to consult legal counsel before proceeding with adoption of the policy recommendation to determine if stricter protections may be needed.
Board President Tom Colclasure called the policy a “recipe for disaster.” Also tabled was a policy recommendation disallowing cannabis usage for medical purposes on district property.


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