The Walking Dead Take Over Galesburg

The streets of Galesburg could soon be filled with the undead.
Two Matts Productions has decided to film the sequel to their Zombie film “Earth Day” in Galesburg and at the Sandburg Mall. The filming is still about a month away but, Filmmakers Mike Patterson and Mike Carlson have already started looking for a few good actors.
Carlson tells the WGIL Morning News, bottom lines is they have a small budget but they’re going to need Zombies.

“If anybody’s looking to do it reach out to us on our Facebook page, it’s Two Matts Producitons, find us on there that the best way right now because we are gonna to be putting out as we go through it because we are going to start shooting probably end of next month, that’s gonna be where it’s at. We just hit them up and say hey this is okay this is what we need, we need this many people for this day, so yea that’s the best way to find us.”

Carlson and Patterson were giving the okay to use the Sandburg Mall, a place they say in its own way is creepy and perfect for a zombie film.
Patterson says filming in the mall and around the area will give Galesburg a little time in the spotlight.

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