City Reminds Residents About Grass, Property Ordinances

With the weather getting nice and the grass starting to grow, the City of Galesburg would like to remind people of some basic ordinances.

The two biggest ordinances violations the City typically sees are unkempt lawns and trash or debris on property.

When it comes to dealing with your grass, the City’s Community Service Supervisor Sue Davidson tells WGIL grass or other vegetation can only be so high before they start to become a problem.

“If you have grass or weeds, or some other sort of nuisance vegetation that grows to beyond a height of 12 inches, we can send you a notice and ask you to mow your grass,” Davidson said.  “If it’s not done within the allowed time limit, then the city can come on to the property and take care of that issue.”

Davidson says if the City ends up taking care of the issue for the property owner they’ll be billed for the service.   She says each amount will vary depending on the type and job size.

Davidson says it’s better to keep your grass mowed because in the long run it’s going to cost less then if the City does it for you.

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