Resurfacing May Lead to Fremont Street Changes

4-21-14 Complete Streets
Graphic from City of Galesburg

Greater accommodations could be made for both pedestrians and bicyclists through a proposed change to Fremont Street in Galesburg.

The City Council tonight will consider a plan to reduce the number of lanes on Fremont Street and stripe the road for alternative forms of transportation.

The City believes resurfacing the street would be a good time to implement what’s called a “Complete Streets” approach.

A 2008 law requires the Illinois Department of Transportation to think of all forms of transportation encourage local agencies to do the same when using federal or state motor fuel tax funding.

Because Fremont Street had a high average daily traffic count of around 11-thousand vehicles per day several years ago, the City believes reducing the lanes from four down to three would direct traffic flow in a safer manner.

The extra room would also make the walk to school safer for children. Handicap access on sidewalks would also be bettered in the redesign.

The City Council will decide the matter during tonight’s meeting at 6:30 p.m. at Galesburg City Hall.

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