Knoxville Aldermen Discuss Street Repairs, Cost, Time

A discussion of Division Street in Knoxville came up during a Sidewalk and Streets Committee meeting prior to last night’s Knoxville City Council meeting that left aldermen with more questions that answers.

Division Street was brought up and its need to be resurfaced, but aldermen are not happy with how long it would take Knoxville Public Works Supervisor Tom Myers and his crew to get the work done.

Myers tells WGIL he can’t just spend all his time on one project, meaning it will take longer to get finished.

“We don’t have that much time,” Myers said, “because we’re [also] doing actual maintenance stuff.  It would take all summer, and we’d probably only get about half of it done, because I’m doing it with four guys.”

Myers says yes the work could get done by the end of the summer if aldermen agreed to contract the work out, however, he says that will cost $250,000 — money the City does not have.

He says having the City take care of the street would cost around $70,000, and would mean having concrete put in instead of a new base and black top.

No recommendations were brought forward for Council approval.

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