Knoxville Aldermen Move Forward with Water and Sewer Bids

Knoxville aldermen have been working hard to get a new contract figured out for the operation of their water and sewer plant.

City Engineer Kevan Cooper told aldermen Monday he worked with Treasurer Jim Whitney and Mayor Bob Johonson, and went over their current plant operator’s contract as well as a contract for another plant operator Cooper works with.

That, according to Cooper, and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency guidelines gave him enough information to draft new contract that better outlines the operator’s responsibilities.

“Things, for example, like flushing hydrants once a year, exercising valves, keeping records, etc.,” Cooper said.  “My goal is to have this completed by next meeting, so I can get it into your council packet.  The council can review it, and if there’s any last-minute changes, after that, we would then be ready to use it to advertise [seek bids].”  Cooper suggested the City advertise for about two weeks before opening the bids.

Knoxville Mayor Bob Johnson told aldermen they have about four companies currently interested in bidding for the water and sewer pant contract.

Aldermen made the request for a new contract after expressing their discontent with their current operator Kewanee-based Bock Incorporated.

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