Annexation Agreement Recommended For Business and Residential Development

Caseys General Store LogoThe City of Galesburg may have to annex land currently overseen by Knox County to allow for the construction of Casey’s General Store.

The new Casey’s location is proposed on land purchased at the corner of North Seminary and Carl Sandburg Drive.

Surroudning land, however, is also being considered for development by the property owner.

A request was made to the City to not only annex the land, but zone space to properly allow for the development of additional residences and potential future businesses through a pre-annexation agreement.

Community Development Director Roy Parkin says the property owner had the choice of annexing and then zoning, or coming to an agreement to designate zoning ahead of the annexation.

“That’s typically how we do it, because that guarantees the property owner that, before they annex, they know they got the zoning that they would desire, for whatever development that they’re proposing,” Parkin said.

The adjacent land is already within City limits, but an agreement from more than 50 years ago has prevented the property from being included in the Galesburg City limits.

Commission members had several concerns about the sidewalk requirements, but ultimately decided sidewalks should be implemented with future development.

The recommendation now goes to the Galesburg City Council for approval.

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