Future Library Starting to Look More Like a Real Building Than Just an Idea

librarydesignmeetingThe public was invited to the second meeting with FEH Architects to go over the interior designs of the proposed new Galesburg Public Library. Last month the public provided FEH with feedback on what they wanted and didn’t want in their library.
Architects Kevin Eipperle and Gregg Baum didn’t waste time working resident’s suggestions into the design and making sure the library was what the community envisioned.
Eipperle says they were tasked with finding more space for meeting rooms without increasing cost and although difficult they were successful.

“With any puzzle you start to make one thing bigger it starts to squeeze things all around the building.  So we started to look at the relationships and we have a kitchenette that serves the two, the one large meeting room that can be divided into two and we want to make sure that is available to serve those spaces. We have storage rooms with chairs and tables.”

Other changes included moving the adult collection from the first floor to the second and a change in where the Friends store would be located.
Eipperle says the Friends store was originally located on the East side of the main entrance, but that has been chanced to the west side.

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