Budget Given The Go Ahead By Abingdon Aldermen

The budget for the City of Abingdon seems to be in good shape, as aldermen passed the City’s budget during this week’s council meeting.

Alderman Myron Hovind says the City is in a good financial place and they’ve been able to budget for a massive overhaul of sewer work.

Hovind tells WGIL however, most of what is in the budget will be used for one singular project.

“There’s over half of the amount that is going to go for the sewer renovation updates and that’s where the bulk of our budget came in this year,” says Hovind.

Hovind says the City was unable to secure any grant funds for the sewer project so they’re having to foot the entire bill. He says they’re looking at a cost of around 2.6 million dollars.

Also he says around 100-thousand dollars should be spent in motor full tax, but they’re looking to save some of that money to help with street repairs to Washington street, which

Hovind says will need work done after the sewer repairs are finished.

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