County Board Approves New Spending, Stalls Own Pay

Knox County SealMembers of the Knox County Board will be going without pay for a few months.

During Wednesday night’s meeting, members approved a measure that withholds their per diem checks until after the June Board meeting.

The gesture is a show of support to County vendors for payment of bills – which have been brought up as a point of concern until the next installment of revenue generated through the property tax levy.

Even with promises made to refrain from new project spending, the County Board Wednesday night approved the purchase of a bulldozer for the Highway Department, a dump truck for the Landfill, and a project sealing the parking lot at the Knox County Nursing Home.

County Board Chair Greg Bacon tells WGIL the purchases are not a concern due to the source of funding in this case.

“What is the problem is the General Fund,” says Bacon. “That’s where our main focus problem is. The other ones, the Landfill and the Highway Department are solvent, they get their taxes from other things, but the General Fund is where the problem is at.”

Department heads have also repeatedly cited that project payments would not be paid until after the May property tax deadline. Knox County has not stalled payments to their vendors as of yet and Bacon tells WGIL the County has been able to continually find ways to make their payments.

“It’s out there, we’ve sent letters to our vendors and stuff like that, so we figured its a show of support for our vendors that until we get back up with some tax money coming in we can help out, and we can bite the bullet like you guys can too,” says Bacon.

Some board members, however, have continued to express their concerns with the additional spending. The entire Board receives about $1,200 dollars per month, but Bacon says that after several months, the money saved could mean something to the County.

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