Sign Clutter Could Be Reduced Under Ordinance Change

galesburgThe Galesburg City Council approved a change in the development ordinance that could reduce sign clutter around Galesburg.

Plans allows for businesses to share sign space on an existing sign; provided the off-site business, or the host business, do not exceed 66-percent of the sign.

The Illinois Cancer Care Center – which is under construction in Galesburg – brought the proposal forward to use the Veterans Administration sign. The City believes it could encourage properties to utilize existing signs.

Community Development Director Roy Parkin says some of this could be handled privately.

“Under the proposed ordinance, for this one and for future ones, basically it’s up to the two property owners to decide which property the sign goes on, the other property owner would then need to place a restriction on their property that while that pole sign is up, they agree they would not put a pole sign on their other one,” says Parkin.

City Council approval comes after the change was recommended by the Galesburg Planning and Zoning Commission. Several conditions would still be present for the sign use such as sharing a common property line between the two entities.

The measure was approved 7-0 this week.

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