Developer Plans Use for Monmouth Emissions

A renewable fertilizer plant may soon be up and running after a developer desired to partner with the City of Monmouth.

Approval of a bid during Monday’s nights Monmouth City Council meeting that will lead to the construction of a plant. Monmouth initially expressed an interest in using the methane produced to power the city’s waste water treatment plant, but could buy it on the market for less.

Since that time, the developer working with Monmouth has, over the years, looked at other ways to use the methane produced.

Monmouth interim City Administrator John Cratty tells WGIL the City of Monmouth simply burns the methane from its treatment facility for now.

“As we work on this development for the production of anhydrous ammonia, instead of [taking] the methane and burning it off, we will send a semi-clean, cleaner methane to this developer to produce anhydrous ammonia,” says Cratty.

After receiving a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, they will be purchasing equipment to reduce their environmental impact.

Instead of burning the methane, a cleaner methane will now be sent to a developer to produce the anhydrous ammonia. The changes could also save Monmouth funds through licensing.

The developer says the project will create 10 full-time jobs in the Monmouth community.


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