Unemployment Percentage Declines in Knox County, but So Does Labor Force

The State of Illinois is once again touting numbers that suggest unemployment rates in the immediate area are once again dropping, but a further look into the numbers indicates the labor force here is also dropping.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security says numbers indicate that the Knox County unemployment average for March dropped significantly from the month before, to a rate sitting at 8.5 %. That’s a one-point-two percent decline.

But the number of people listed as employed in the county is only up slightly. Figures supplied indicate that almost 21,800 people in the county are employed at the moment — and that number is only up about 40 people month to month. The total Labor Force is listed as nearly 24,000– just about four-hundred less than in February.

Currently, there are just over two-thousand listed as unemployed, a nearly three-hundred person decline county-wide from the month previous.

In the City of Galesburg, the 8.3% unemployment rate is 1.2% lower month-to-month. 1100 are listed as unemployed, down about 200.

But the total number of employed is down just about 20 from February — sitting at 12,573.

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