Housing Authority Says Rent Increase Is No Choice For Them

They may not like it, but they have to adhere to it, but some Knox County Housing Authority residents may not be impacted by it much yet.

Executive Director Derek Antoine told the Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners today that flat rents for some residents will likely increase to a rate that is 80 percent of fair market value — a directive of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and something he is not in support of.

But Antoine says some residents may not have to get hit by the federally-mandated rate increase, just yet.

“So if they recertify today with the rent option, meaning that they choose between flat renter income based rent, they’re on flat rent for three years before they come up with an income option, and so our reading of it,” says Antoine. “So our understanding of it from the Chicago field office was that we would do that the next rent option that would push it out even further, we would have residents that would not see a rent increase for two to three years.”

New Housing Authority residents who move in after June first, Antoine says, will still be subjected to the higher rents.

But in the meantime, he says he’s been told to sit tight until more clarification can be given.

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