Galesburg High School Wins Grant

Hard work has paid off for Galesburg High School’s multimedia production students.

The school has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Midwest Technical Institute. The final round of the grant competition was based on Facebook “likes” for the GHS video.

Galesburg High School teacher Russ Ullrich tells the WGIL Morning News the money will be spent to update the media and robotics classes.

“We’re in the process of trying to work with the City and the local cable company to try and bring the education channel back so we’re working on that kind of stuff and hopefully we’ll be able to incorporate that into our project so we’re looking at updating our studios and doing some other stuff with robotics, we currently offer a robotics class,” says Ulrich.

The robotics class will use the money to create robotic autonomous drones.

The drones are envisioned to aid farmers to see areas of their fields which are hard to reach. They would also help local utilities companies in viewing the status of power lines out in rural areas.

The grant ceremony was held Tuesday afternoon in Moline.

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