Local Churches Gather for Unified Day of Prayer

Across the country, churches celebrated the National Day of Prayer–the first Thursday in May brings together people of faith to pray on ten different issues from schools to military to family.

In Galesburg, several churches convened at The Allen Chapel A-M-E Church in Galesburg, to participate in this year’s event.

Pastor Tyson Parks tells WGIL it’s days like today(Thursday) that help move the country forward.

“I think it’s taking strides in the right direction that we’re looking to embrace one another’s differences that we can set aside our differences for a common cause and that’s prayer for our nation,” says Parks. “That’s important and coming together as a community is a huge part of that.”

Parks says it’s not just about prayer, but it’s also about praying together as a community.

He says having everyone together brings him hope that one day all the churches could get together and have a Galesburg day of prayer apart from the nationally designated day.


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