Veterans Groups Organizing Help for Memorial Day Gesture

Veteran’s groups are trying to mobilize people to assist them on Memorial Day this year.
Several organizations, including the: American Legion, VFW, and other clubs will be placing flags on the graves of former service men and women.
As the veterans service organizations membership has aged, fewer veterans are physically able to walk the cemeteries to place the flags.
The VFW has turned to younger age groups to help them. The veteran’s organizations also want to instill certain values in area youth such as “love of country.”
VFW Quartermaster Mike Lummis tells WGIL that this may be the single time of year the graves are visited.

“These men and woman wrote a blank check so to speak to the United States Government saying send me where I need to be send and tell me what to do to defend this great country, and that is something that needs to be honored I feel.”

Some graves are missed during the process – something Lummis says is pretty concerning, but the local VFW is asking for the public’s help in recognizing the graves.
The flags will be left for a period of one week. Lummis says that friends and families of the departed often express thanks for the gesture.

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