Adults Come Out to Have Their Teeth Checked

The American Red Cross and the Carl Sandburg College School of Dental Hygiene was very busy Friday, all in the name of dentistry.

Today is Adult Dental Day and the news of the free day was so exciting that two patients showed up at 11:30 Thursday night to be first in line.  Knox County resident Robin Auberry spent most of her day at the dental day waiting her turn to see a dentist.

Auberry says adult dental day is important and tells WGIL that even for someone like her who has Medicaid and Medicare, she can’t get dental coverage in town.

“The way they treat insurance for adults in Galesburg sucks,” says Auberry. “The kids are important but they don’t care about the adults, basically. I mean, I’m insured, and yet I can’t go into a dentist and have them take care of what I need done.”

Auberry says she was unaware of the adult dental day back in 2012 or the others before that, but says if the Health Department keeps hosting them she’ll keep coming.

She says it’s a great service that really helps out the community.

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