Fundraising Campaign Stalled for New Library Construction

Galesburg Public LibraryIn order for the Galesburg Public Library to even be considered for a state library grant, they needed to prove they had the matching funds.

During Thursday’s Library Board of Trustees meeting, Board President Martin Reichel told the board the $5-million needed for the match has been deposited in their respective accounts.

However, outside of state grant funds, the library board needs to raise funds to help with cost. Reichel told the trustees the Library Foundation conducted a poll that showed fundraising at this time would not be a good idea.

“The consensus kind of was that it’s premature to do that,” says Reichel. “There’s too many things up in the air, we don’t know whether there will be a grant, first of all we don’t know where we will be in line until later this summer, maybe by mid-summer we’ll know what our position will be in terms of the grant, but then we won’t know until next spring whether there will be any funding.”

Library Director Harriett Zipfel also told the board there’s a concern the board has not sold the community on the “why,” meaning the community is not completely convinced there’s a need for a new library.


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