Home Updates Offered To Those In Need

Xmas ActionStudents and members of other volunteer organizations were offering to help with home projects in Galesburg, Saturday through “Christmas in Action.”

The gathering aimed to help the elderly and disabled with home projects that would otherwise not be completed.

Sue Dutel is a part of the “Christmas in Action” organization. She tells WGIL those they help are almost always thankful.

“We did one, her house was really in bad shape over on Berrien,” says Dutel. “She brought us water, she came out and thanked us. We did one over on West Fremont across from the high school and the guy was almost in tears every time we were there.”

“Christmas in Action” was formed in the 1980’s, but has been linked with an organization out of Texas since the 1990’s.

Applications are received each year in Galesburg – often from friends and family members of the affected – for volunteer assistance. More than 30 applications were received this year with a decision made in favor of completing five projects.

Dutel tells WGIL that several people volunteering are students or part of other organizations.

“We’re just a bunch of normal people volunteering our time,” says Dutel. “We’re just here to help out our neighbor.”

Painting, yardwork, roof maintenance, and other construction was being done to a couple of homes in Galesburg. The organization only works a couple of days out of the year, but always try to build a wheelchair ramp.

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