Carl Sandburg College Students Given More Options to Transfer

KnoxSandburgFor many going to a community college, the end goal is to finish that degree at a four year college or university.

For Students at Carl Sandburg College, there’s ample opportunity to transfer from Sandburg on to a four year university.

Today, Sandburg students learned that if they so desire, they can attend Sandburg for two years and, thanks to a new program, easily transfer to Knox College.

Sandburg President Lori Sundberg explained that Sandburg students start with the end in mind and there’s no reason their end point can’t be Knox.

“Where someone does their bachelor’s degree is very much a sense about fit for that person and where they want to end up,” says Sundberg. “We want to create opportunities for our students that they can have an opportunity right here at Knox College.”

Both Sundberg and Knox College President Teresa Amott signed the Dual Admission Program agreement.

Sundberg says there are a few students already prepared to transfer to Knox this coming fall.


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