Knoxville Aldermen Consider Fee Changes for Liquor Licenses

During the Knoxville City Council’s last meeting in April Alderman Dave Malone brought up some concerns he had with the fees for liquor licenses.

Malone last night explained he doesn’t think the current fee structure is working and the way it’s set up is unfair to smaller businesses.

He says businesses like gas stations and even the local liquor stores are losing out compared to the local taverns and restaurants.

“They’re both paying the same amount of money for their licenses, but the guys who are selling the liquor in-house, like the restaurant bar and grill, I think they’re making quite a bit more money than packaged liquor stores”

Currently both parties pay $750 annually for their license, a price that aldermen and Mayor Bob Johnson says is way below what the county and Galesburg is currently charging.

Johnson suggested before any action is taken a survey of establishments be done to better gauge how license-holders feel.

Aldermen agreed whatever they decided they don’t want to raise fees so high to make people feel like they can’t afford to keep their shops open.


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