Lake Storey Parking Lot Packed with Trucks

TAT1If you were driving by Lake Storey Wedensday morning, you probably heard what sounded like a major traffic jam.

The sound of horns rang across Galesburg as school children got the opportunity to touch-a-truck.

The event hosted by the Galesburg Recreation Division bussed in schools from around the area to give kids in pre-school through kindergarten the opportunity to check out some giant trucks they may have only read about.

One of those trucks was an MTV 5-ton transport truck used by the Army National Guard and  Staff Sergeant Marshalle Shearer tells WGIL the truck has a very specific purpose.

“We use them to transport cargo and personnel and artillery cannons,” says Shearer.

Shearer says attending events like Touch-a-Truck are important because they’re able to get into the community and educate students.

“We just want to give the kids a proper view of what the military does, what the national guard does and we’re here to show our support to the community,” says Shearer.

Around 1,500 students attended this years Touch-a-Truck event checking out trucks from Ameren, BNSF, and the Galesburg Fire Department.

One of the other highlights for students was being able to spray water from the fire hose.


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