Quiet Zone Implementation Delayed

Trains won’t have to stop blowing their whistles when traveling in Galesburg through the Chillicothe rail subdivision just yet.

City Engineer Wayne Carl says Burlington Northern Santa Fe has yet to finish circuitry upgrades along a number of the crossings in that subdivision, and won’t have it done until July, which partially means it won’t be until late August until the Quiet Zone can take effect.

Carl tells WGIL he knows a lot of people are waiting for the trains to stop using their horns, but he’s got one message for them.

“This two month or so delay is inconvenient, but we’ve been working on this, the quiet zone itself everyday for seven years and I think we’re reasonably close to our target time,” says Carl. “I know if I’m hearing the train horns today, I wish it would stop today. Patience by the public is what I would request.”

Carl says the winter weather is to blame in part for the delay, especially in getting circuitry upgrades done, but he says it’s also because the contractor for the Seminary and Kellogg overpass projects needs to continue to use temporary construction crossings until at least August.

Carl, by the way, says the overpass construction is still slightly behind schedule, but still slated to open by the end of November.

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