Some Savings Experienced on Knoxville High School Addition Construction

The Knoxville School District has so far been able to save some money on the new high school addition being constructed.

The latest example of that came Monday night, when the District-202 Board voted in favor of bids on a number of pieces of furniture, appliances, and other items needed for the addition. Roughly half of the $1 million budgeted for such items is being spent, but District-202 Superintendent Steve Wilder says that’s partly because some items needed weren’t bid on, so the district will have to buy those on their own.

Wilder says the local match required for the state grant paying for the lions share of the work has to be spent on the project, but what’s not spent from the state grant money provided can be put to other uses.

“Our money is restricted; it has to be spent on the high school construction,” Wilder said.  “Any additional funds at the end — as long as we spend our money first, which we are doing — any additional state money to finish off that project, is un-restricted.  So we would have some flexibility in terms of how we use that within the district.”

Wilder suggested further improvements to Mabel Woolsey Elementary School as one of the ways any extra dollars to be spent.

Concrete was poured on parts of the addition recently, which is still projected to open in the fall.

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